A Hands-On Educational Approach

Authorized & Experienced Instructors

Authorized & Experienced Instructors

   Our experienced instructors are committed to teaching scenario-specific CPR and first aid training in your home setting, school, or office. After all, at least 80% of cardiac arrests happen outside of a hospital facility. We understand the demands of everyday life and strive to make our classes convenient, fun, and easy to learn with both instructor-led courses and online options. We offer courses for CPR in Schenectady at convenient locations, and we're willing to travel to teach large groups in the Capital District free of charge!


Authorized & Experienced Instructors

Authorized & Experienced Instructors

Authorized & Experienced Instructors

   Vital Force CPR & First Aid requires instructors to have years of real-life experience both teaching and performing CPR and first aid skills while actively having worked in the healthcare or public safety field. Our lead instructor and owner Bryant Kuo, RN, has over a decade's worth of teaching and experience in EMS. He is best known for his sense of humor and analogies which help students remember their quality education. 


Mastery of Skills for Each Student

Authorized & Experienced Instructors

Mastery of Skills for Each Student

   Our company offers only the American Heart Association's curriculum at this time as they "set the science" for which all other organizations must rise to the occasion and meet! We conform to the current AHA guidelines. However, it is our company policy that we guarantee you will leave our class with the skills necessary to effectively administer CPR as first aid until you master your skills at no additional cost.  

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15 miles within the Capital District! We will drive to your location free of charge to teach a course within Schenectady, Saratoga, or Albany County. MOST CLASSES ARE TAUGHT IN-HOME and one-on-one or in small group settings.

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Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 6pm 

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Contact us for private appointments if you need flexible dates and times.


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