Calling For Help

"9-1-1, WHERE is your emergency?"


1. The very first thing to consider when calling 9-1-1 is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  

2. It's important for you to gather your nerves and to look at everything around you and to figure out where is the emergency? Is it in front of me or is it happening in another place? The dispatcher will ask you a series of questions to help you narrow the results of the location because no matter what the emergency...whether a plane has crashed, a building is on fire, or there is a suicidal friend a town away... HELP CANNOT COME IF WE DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!  Answering these questions will not delay help. In fact, it's the opposite!  

3. So, it's time to put on your detective hat and to look around. Do you see a street sign with a name on it? Do you see a restaurant that you can tell the dispatcher to search for? Do you see trees, landmarks, or trail signs? What apartment building are you in? What floor are you on? What suite are you in...A or B? LOCATION IS SPECIFIC!


Know Your Surroundings

Interactive Game

Our "Know Your Surroundings" Interactive Game is aimed at assisting young children to learn their address, teens to be aware, and adults to find their location in a snap! If you viewed the "Calling 9-1-1" information above, then you might be prepared to give a location within a few seconds!

The rest of this course will have participants look at photos and try to "figure out" locations based on what they see in 10-20 seconds or less. Then, they will have to give their name, call-back number, and the nature of the emergency against their opponents. We also discuss some of the myths and fears that people face when calling for help. 

Active Shooting Incidents


This video is a MUST-WATCH for everyone that I know! It's a situation that no one wants to ever face and yet, we see it too often on the news. If anything from my time working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher has taught me, it's that more  people survive when they don't panic.  

Run. Hide. Fight.

FEMA's Guide to Active Shooting Incidents: Before & After

This PDF is useful for families, employers, and even schools. Don't forget to check out the bottom of the document which has more links to training for specialized populations!