First Aid Presentation for The Albany Rotary Club

What is First Aid and why would someone use it? Bryant and I cover some of the very basics of the who, what, when, where, and why as to the importance of knowing FA! Also, there are some shennanigans.

Applying an AED During CPR with Effective Ventilations

 A well-lubricated team knows their positions, knows how to act, and knows when to act. Delivering high-quality compressions means that one rescuer will focus on pushing "hard and fast" while another partner will manage the airway. Once the AED arrives on-scene, it is IMMEDIATELY applied once it is powered on, the first step in utilizing it. Compressions are not stopped to apply the pads as the rescuer who brought the AED will need to maneuver around the compression zone. 

Proper Hand Placement In CPR

 It's important to have proper hand placement when performing CPR. Pressing down on the center of the chest directly on the lower portion of the sternum with the heel of your hand(s) is ideal. Keep your arms as straight as possible with your shoulders aligned to your torso, situated over your wrists. It's critical to not lean on the ribs of the victim when delivering high-quality compressions.